“I am intrigued by the way design shapes and molds the world in which we live our daily lives; how mundane objects can be transformed into objects of great beauty, while preserving the functional usefulness; how life is breathed into spaces with these objects, and the way a space complements the latter.

My design style is still developing but it is more inclined to eclectic luxury. I infuse different inspirations  and make an aesthetic whole with a luxurious appeal. These inspirations range from my travels around the world to a day sitting idle at home. I am particularly captivated by the different cultures and traditions around the world. I try to bring in comfort, style and function to enhance the life of my client. There are no rules I follow when it comes to design and materials used and the way they are used. I try to use green concepts in spatial arrangement and materials used.

Besides Interior Design, I have worked in the fields of Furniture, Interior Products, Visual Merchandising, Jewellery and Graphic Design.”


Raashi Pachisia

B.Des Interior Products and Furniture, National Institute of Fashion Technology, '11

MA Interior and Spatial Design, Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of Arts, London ‘13

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